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    6.7 Powerstroke CAT Oil Filter Conversion Kit

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      Purchase 6.7 Powerstroke CAT Oil Filter Conversion Kit

      SKU: 67-PS-OIL-CAT
      6.7 Powerstroke CAT Oil Filter Conversion Kit

      (7 Reviews)


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      The Ultimate Oil Filtration for your Powerstroke is here!  After over a year of field testing, lab testing, and design, we are proud to bring the CAT oil adapter to market for the 6.7L Powerstroke!


      Which filter is best for me?

      The same adapter can run either the 1R-1807 or 324-2598 filter.  The advantage to the 1R-1807 is the extra oil capacity it holds.  The advantage to the 324-2598 is the shorter length for those who see trail/off-road applications or lowered applications. Both filters have the same micron rating and perform the same in flow given the amount of oil the 6.7 oil pump can flow.  The Powerstroke oil pump will never be able to push enough oil to overwhelm either filter.  We found the oil breaks down well before either CAT filter decrease performance based off contaminates.  Simply put, the CAT oil filter can take anything the 6.7L Powerstroke can throw at it!


      Leak Testing

      In addition to real world testing, we performed 3rd party lab tests.  The first test was a hydrostatic burst test at 200+PSI at an extreme low temperate. At the worst conditions possible, with oil being viscus and rubber seals wanting to shirk, we wanted to know the adapter and filter would stay sealed. The CAT filter and adapter were able to hold a higher pressure than an OEM Ford oil filter before starting to leak.  


      Flow Testing

      Our second test was a flow restriction test to compare the flow of the CAT filter vs OEM. With a lower micron rating, comes the question of how well does it still flow oil?  Both filters in this kit are rated as Advanced High Efficiency.  This is where the massive amount of filter media inside the CAT filters gets to shine. The increase in flow from the CAT filter is shown immediately and the efficiency increases as the flow increase.  At a flow of 30 LPM and on, we saw almost 2X the flow from the CAT Filter vs OEM.


      Why This Filter is a Safe Effective Upgrade

      The CAT filters we chose for this kit are designed for the harshest environments to filter large amounts of oil at a high flow between long service intervals.  With the 6.7’s oil capacity and oil flow, the filter is only entering its life by the time the oil is broken down and ready to be changed.  It would take a major engine failure to ever try and clog this filter.  The 6.7 Powerstroke has a relief/regulating valve built into the oil pump housing. This is commonly missed since it is not visible unless the front cover is removed from the engine.  Simply put, the 6.7 Powerstroke oil pump is not able to overwhelm the CAT filters we offer in our kit.



      FITMENT: 2011-2023 6.7L Powerstroke Engine


      Customer Reviews

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      Review 6.7 Powerstroke CAT Oil Filter Conversion Kit
      5/5 Stars based on 7 Reviews
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      Verified Buyer
      It’s a must
      Joe Russell (Ohio) | February 23rd, 2023
      The cat 1R-1807 is a must. Very pleased so far with it on my 2016 6.7 power stroke curious to see how well the adapter stays in place on oil changes. My truck is sitting on a 2-1/2 inch level and the filter isn’t the lowest point probably have about 3” before your start to worry about it getting riped off lol I like the extra quart and a quarter oil capacity it provides also, oil temp droped to 196 constantly over my normal 203 on the highway
      Verified Buyer
      Special OP Cinematographer
      Ethan Scoma (Seattle WA) | February 12th, 2023
      Loved how easy and straight forward install was, Instructions are very clear. Felt very confident during. With a better filter rating, capacity, and flow rate for nearly the same price as a Wix filter, I feel confident with the harsh work load I throw at my engine. Thx for the great product MDDP
      Verified Buyer
      Easy install
      Greg Kessler (Huntsville AL) | January 30th, 2023
      Went on perfect and I have zero leaks. I assume the filter is working like CAT intended. THANKS MDDP!!!
      Verified Buyer
      Cat adapter
      Randell Lammerman (Oregon) | January 29th, 2023
      Fits great no leaks waiting to pull the filter and see the difference over OEM. Item was on back order but the guys at mddp did a good job keeping me up to date on any changes. Thanks
      Verified Buyer
      Great Product
      Kriscijan Radic (Waynesboro Virginia) | January 29th, 2023
      I bought this after following mark and the guys on tik tok. Great oil filter conversion kit and ease of install was awesome. Thank you!

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