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    MDDP Bolted Badge Hat

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      SKU: mddp-bolted-badge-hat
      MDDP Bolted Badge Hat

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      How are these made?

      These hats are hand made and assembled one by one.  It starts on a CNC laser cut machine where the MDDP badge is made.  The next step for color and ultimate durability is powder coat. Each badge receives a Satin Black Powder Coating.  The hat is then prepped with 4 holes. Next, the badge is bolted onto the hat using 4 actual nuts and bolts.

      These are a snap back style hat. For those who prefer the flat bill, they can leave the bill as it.  For those who prefer a curved bill, the bill is able to be formed to your liking.  The bolts are tucked in behind the inside of the hat, so you will never feel them.


      Brand: MDDP

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